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Online Real Estate Management Software

Make your business processes faster and simpler with this easy to use and feature-rich online real estate management service.


No Hidden

With complete control of costs, you pay only for what you use. All iRealOne system upgrades are free.

No Contract

Use iRealOne Real Estate Software as long as you are satisfied with it. There are no fees for termination of contract or similar charges.

First 30 days

In 30 days Free Trial period for the full version of the system, you make sure iRealOne is the right solution for you.

The iRealOne Basic package is COMPLETELY FREE!

  • up to 50 properties
  • 5GB of storage on the iRealOne servers
  • all system options available
  • no contract obligations
  • ad syndication to 1 classifieds portal of your choice


What is iRealOne?

iRealOne is an advanced online software as a service for real estate management, developed in close cooperation with year long veterans of the real estate industry. While developing the application we took special care with specific details around business processes and protocols required by the real estate brokerage agencies. We automated and made faster various tasks performed daily by brokers, with special attention to security and data protection.

More About Us

Real Estate and Client Database

Feature-rich database of properties and clients with public and protected information control, brokership journal and complete permission control per broker or group of brokers.

Sales and broker efficiency tracking and statistics, per time periods and categories of estate, including notes and client contacts.

Search and Automatic Buyer Match

Search by virtually every component and information field of real estate and clients. Possibility to set buyer criteria and automatically match with properties with notifications.

Multiple Listing Service and inter-agency search and exchange, with global buyer match and foreign agencies you can establish business relations with.

Advertisement and Data Syndication

Data processing for XML (and other protocols) based classified distribution to leading Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian classifieds portals. Automatic image watermarking and resize.

Documented API for XML based classifieds syndication for any portal or website willing to implement it technically.

Quickly Send Brochures and Offers

Simpe and fast interface allowing templated preparation of brochures for e-mail or printing for your clients, shop window or similar use.

Property presentation in the office including digital display based catalogues for your shop window.

Websites and Business E-Mail

Professional agency website with advanced search capabilities for your clients. Modern, mobile-first responsive HTML5 designs.

Professional e-mail solutions with anti-spam and anti-virus protection and inbox control.

Backup and Data Archiving

All data is kept on multiple redundant servers with automatic backup every 3 hours, once a day, weekly and monthly for the past 3 months.

Possibility to archive all data, or monthly deltas, on physical media like CD, DVD, Bluray or USB drives, shipped to you directly.

Why is the iRealOne real estate management software your best option?

  • two-factor autentication
  • improved security system with detail user permissions
  • Various options for display, print and PDF export
  • Global Buyer Match
  • Advanced search system and pairing of buyers and properties
  • Quick view and print options
  • Faster and easier data input and review
  • Advanced non-destructive photo editing with color calibration, automatic watermarking and adaptation for various views and sizes
  • Advanced image watermark controls and
  • Tags for protected (non-public) information
  • Tracking of fields required by syndication and ad networks
  • Advanced automated geolocation
  • Maintenance and editing of one or more agency websites
  • Free SSL certificates for websites
  • Featureful client database, including money laundering prevention questionnaires and compatible with Croatian personal data protection Act
  • Property brochures, catalogs, with several templates and QRcode links to agency web sites
  • Details mediation diary compatible with Croatian real estate brokerage laws and regulations
  • Full responsive user interface compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Multilevel backup system with archiving, powered by advanced OpenZFS filesystem for best data integritiy and bitrot protection
  • Fully customizeable agency websites, from templates or with on-demand design, responsive to all desktop and mobile devices
  • Ad syndication to over 10 real estate advertisement portals in Croatia and Europe
  • Business e-mail addresses and management, advanced spam protection and mail archiving
  • Calendar, activity notes
  • Company logo design services, including other marketing print material
  • Many years of experience in real estate brokerage business practices and related information systems
  • High level of support and consulting in brokerage

...and many more useful functions we'd love to show to you!

Automatized Real Estate Advertising

Special offer in real estate marketing

Featuring special offer by the Slovenian classifieds portal Nepremičnine.si21, exclusive for iRealOne clients!


Customized offers by advertisement partners

Benefit from special pricing and advertisement plans, tailored for iRealOne clients by these partner portals.


Discounted offer in real estate marketing

Special discount on the GoHome portal, only for iRealOne clients!


Our standard offer in real estate marketing

Nađi dom

Advertisement portals available in iRealOne data syndication network

The list is not final or complete, we keep adding new advertising channels and portals as they become available.

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